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Different Types Of Windows

We may have dreamt building the “dream house” which would ensure a comfortable stay – but how many of us have spared a serious thought about installing proper windows in the building?

The word ‘window’ can be used to refer a transparent opening in the wall or door of your house that allows a passage of light and, air and sound (if not closed or sealed). Usually, these apertures are glazed or covered in various transparent (or translucent) materials such as float glass. Half-glazed windows were first noticed in Scottish houses in the mid 17th century.Continue reading thistips for picking replacement windows for a home.

Assorted-tint-and-boating-2012-2013-56431Today when we talk about windows, we are sure to visualize a wide variety of aperture-structures in different designs. Whenever we discuss about urban houses in US, we cannot neglect the ‘sash windows’. Fairfax, Vienna, Annandale are some of the Virginian cities in America where it’s really tough to find a building without a sash. Beside the sashes, there are other types of aperture-structures that have developed over the years and managed to keep their popularity intact. Some of them are:

* Picture Windows – These apertures are ideal for places that require plenty of sunlight, fresh air, and never bothered by hustle-n-bustle of the outside world. You can use these structures in the large living (or dining) area of your apartment; and sometimes they are even good in the cozy bedroom. Irrespective of the type, Picture Windows are always able to add elegance to your home.

* Double-hung Sash Windows – This sash aperture is a common factor in houses which are situated in places that were originally colonized by the British. These structures are traditionally fitted with shutters, together with ‘simplex hinges’ that allow the casements to be locked on one side.

* Awning Windows – Fairfax (Virginia) residents are some of the US citizens who are pretty much amazed by the designs and features of Awning apertures. These structures are the best way to increase ventilation and sunlight in places like washrooms and staircase platforms. They come with multi-point locks and add to the security of your household.

* Bay Windows – If you are looking for an unrestricted view of the outside world, Bay Windows are what you need. Being great pieces of furniture, these apertures are always able to enhance the beauty of your villa.