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Close Look at EIS Cards Printers

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Identification cards serve multiple purposes. The most obvious of which is of course, identification. When you are equipped with an identification card, your name and affiliation with a certain company or organization are more easily identified. But over the years, purpose of ID cards has gone beyond this. Today, ID cards serve as a way to enter a certain facility or premises. They also improve security of a company or business by limiting access to information to certain authorized individuals.If you’re interested and want to learn more about them, visit EIS Cards Printers.

With the expansion of ID card purposes came the advent of innovated ID card printers that no longer just prints out information but also encodes extra features to enhance usability and security. Here we will take a close look at some of the leading brands of ID card printers in the market today. This will help you get to know more about these printers and their features and at the same time, help you make an informed choice when you purchase an ID card printer.

Fargo Printers
Fargo printers are some of the most popular brands that you will often hear when you go through the ID card printer market. Some of the printers under this brand include Fargo DTC550 Dual Sided ID Card Printer and Fargo DTC400e Dual Sided ID Card Printer. This brand is known for having one of the most advanced technologies in ID card printing. Quality print is almost always associated with Fargo printers.

Evolis Printers
Another equally popular brand is Evolis Printers from Europe. Evolis has a long line of printers ranging from single sided to dual sided printers and from simple printers to those that can encode security features and provide additional functions for the IDs. Evolis also boasts of having user-friendly design as it makes it printers with the user in mind.

Magicard Printers
Magicard Printers, meanwhile, are known for selling printers at very reasonable prices. They are in fact some of the most affordable printers in the market today. This brand offers different models ranging from simple ID card printers for small businesses to advanced models ideal for large companies and organizations. But whatever model or type of printer, Magicard offers top of the line quality for a smaller price tag. For example, the Persona C30e Dual Sided ID Card Printer now only costs $1,900, which is a lot cheaper than its counterparts.

Persona Printers
Persona Printers are manufactured under the brand of Fargo. But what makes this specific brand unique is its user-friendly design and specialization for full color customized ID cards. All the printing output provided by Persona printers are topnotch. They are perfect to use whether you own a small or medium sized organization.